Breast Lift

Breast Uplift
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Treatment duration:

Stay in hospital: 1-3 days
Trips to Turkey: 1 time
Stay in Turkey: 1 week
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What affects the final cost of Breast Lift?

  • Type of anesthesia or sedation
  • Qualifications/expertise of specialist
  • Incision location/type
  • Extent of surgery needed

How breast lift is performed:

Different methods have been successfully used by plastic surgeons in breast lift surgeries. One example of an incision commonly used usually begins at the bottom of the breast and extends vertically upwards to the nipple. The downside of this type of incision is that it often leaves visible scars.

There are other incisions that leave less visible scars. An example of this is the incision made at the nipple, usually followed by the removal of a patch of skin. The remainder of the skin is then closed to create a firmer breast. Another incision that leaves little scarring is made at the nipple and extends vertically downwards.

Incisions are followed by the removal of excess tissue and reshaping to improve the breast contour and firmness. The areola and nipple are also repositioned to a more natural and youthful height.

There are several clinics where you can have a breast lift surgery done with the additional possibility of having breast implants if required.

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