How do we help you?

Get in touch

Looking for treatment in Turkey? Contact our team by email or phone to discuss your requirements and receive a quotation.

Personal assistance

24/7 available personal assistance monitors and provides information about your treatment every step of the way.

Organise your trip

We can arrange your flights, accommodation, transfers and before & after care, as well as arranging travel for a friend or family member who is accompanying you.


You will receive your treatment from the selected clinic/hospital as planned.


We make sure you complete your treatment successfully and back home safely.

Why Health Line Turkey?

  • Working with accredited hospitals

    We work with hospitals that are accredited to European and international standards.

  • Wide selection of local partners

    Our country wide network of clinics and hospitals gives you access to the best choice of treatment.

  • Available for you 24/7

    Health Line Turkey’s team is available to assist you 24/7 by email, phone or in person.

  • Comprehensive service

    We can organise a complete package for you, including travel and accommodation, treatment, and before & after care.

  • Approved by Health Ministry

    We are regulated by the Turkish Health Ministry as a provider of medical assistance services.

  • Founded and based in Turkey

    Our team brings together extensive experience in the health and tourism sectors in Turkey.

  • Independent provider

    We are not affiliated with any clinic or hospital group. Our focus is on what is best for you.

  • No additional fees

    You won’t pay any more for your treatment by choosing us.

Find a Clinic for Popular Procedures


All hospitals own internationally trusted medical accreditations

Joint Commission International (JCI)

International Standards Organization (ISO)

Minister of Health of the Republic of Turkey


Tim H.
United Kingdom

…In summary we felt we received truly five star treatment from excellent medical practitioners in a modern and well-equipped hospital and would thoroughly recommend this to others.

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Medical assistance across Turkey

Are you unwell or have had an accident?
  • Need medical help?

    You can call us directly any time for medical help, or you can ask someone you know to call us on your behalf – for instance your hotel reception or tour guide. There is no membership requirement to contact Health Line Turkey, and we provide our services free of charge.

  • When you call

    First we’ll determine your location and ask some questions about your health issue, in order to choose the nearest and best doctor, clinic or hospital for the treatment you need.

  • Transportation:

    We’ll arrange transport for you, including ambulance or air ambulance if required, and taxi or other transportation for less urgent cases.
  • Additional services

    We can arrange translation services to be provided at the clinic or hospital if needed. We can also track your travel insurance payment process to complete every single step smoothly.

  • Tracking your treatment

    We will keep in contact with you and your doctor throughout the duration of your treatment, to ensure you receive the best possible care.

  • After treatment

    Our service does not finish when you leave Turkey. Your doctor in Turkey may advise you that you need follow-up appointments after you return home. You can contact us if you require any assistance with this or any additional information, or your doctor at home needs further details of your treatment.


Working with world-class healthcare providers, we offer high-quality treatment options that are right for you.



Need medical treatment? Health Line Turkey’s team is ready to help. Open 24/7, 365 days a year, we are just a phone call away.



With our wide network of ambulance services across the country, we are able to organise an ambulance to anywhere in Turkey.